Montana Grand Assembly  “Orient With Rainbow” Session

June 9-11, 2017         Bozeman, MT

Registration deadline is May 10th, 2017

Plan to join Montana Rainbow for our 89th annual Grand Assembly

  • Registration forms may be submitted electronically, however, registrations are NOT confirmed until payment is received.
  • Registration and meals are to be paid in full in advance by check or money order payable to Montana Grand Assembly
  • Hotel reservations should be made directly with the Holiday Inn, Bozeman by calling 406-587-4561 and asking for the Montana Rainbow Girls block of rooms. The room rate is $129.33/night (including taxes).  The block will be held until May 8, 2017.

The Holiday Inn is located at 5 East Baxter, Bozeman, MT. 

  • There is a registration fee of $15/person. This fee will be waived for members of the Supreme Family, Grand Worthy Advisors, Grand Representatives to Montana, and Montana Fraternal Leaders if registrations are received by the registration deadline of May 10th.
  • All Sessions and meals will be held at the Bozeman Masonic Temple, 14 S. Tracy Ave, Bozeman, MT
  • Those attending only the Grand Cross luncheon & Bread Service or Installation will not be charged the registration fee. Registration is still required to help with planning
  • Rainbow Pledges will not be charged a registration fee but still need to register in order to receive a name badge


 This year we will be having an added “fun feature” at Grand Assembly of “Make a Wish.”
All Rainbow Girls and Pledges will be eligible for a chance to have their wish granted
during one of the drawings.
Please print the Make A Wish form to submit with your registration.




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