What is Rainbow?

The International Order of Rainbow for Girls, often referred to as Rainbow or IORG, is a nonprofit youth organization for girls between the ages of 10-21.  Assemblies are affiliated with Masonic Lodges, Order of Eastern Star Chapters and Amaranth.  Started in 1922, Rainbow was created for daughters of Master Masons and their friends.  International Rainbow for Girls focuses on principles of being a good citizen.  It welcomes girls from all religions.

The International Order of Rainbow for Girls instills self-confidence and self-respect and teaches leadership skills while building self-esteem in fun and exciting ways.  Rainbow teaches service to the community and respect for all people and things.


Why the name Rainbow?

The International Order of Rainbow was founded by Reverend W. Mark Sexson.  In the 9th Chapter of Book of Genesis, after the flood, God made a covenant with His people that He would never again destroy the earth, and placed a Rainbow in the Heavens as a symbol of that covenant. The Rev. Sexson believed that this symbol of God's love was an appropriate symbol for the Order, so the Rainbow and its colors provided the inspiration for both the International Order of The Rainbow for Girls and for the lessons that are taught in the ceremonies of the Order.



Girls between the ages of 10-21 can be members of Rainbow.  They have the chance to excel and achieve, while participating in fun activities and will make lifelong friendships all over the world. Girls earn awards for their participation in activities. 

Members of the Rainbow raise money for charities.  They actively participate their school, community, and church.  Members are involved in service to their communities and to their sponsoring organizations.  Many members become leaders in all fields of employment. 

Every day, Rainbow Girls come together to laugh, share and grow through fun events.  Rainbow Girls volunteer for the community, travel around the world and make new friends.  Along the way, they gather invaluable life skills that help them become the best daughter, sister, student and friend they can be.

Members of Rainbow who seek to further their education may be eligible for scholarships.


Pledge Program

Not 10 yet but still want to be involved? We have an active Pledge group for girls not yet 10 who wish to join Rainbow after their 10th birthday. Pledge groups join their sponsor Assembly in activities, and events. 


Adult Leaders

Adult leaders are always present, offering guidance and support.  Parents of active Rainbow Girls are encouraged and invited to attend meetings and activities.



 For more information visit the International Order of Rainbow for Girls at gorainbow.org web page.